Vending Machine

We specialize in a fully managed vending service and after-sale support. We provide a range of vending machines like coffee vending, snack and beverage vending, and cans & bottle vending machines

Our Services

We Offer 3 Types of Vending Machine

To provide a one-stop solution which includes rental of machines, service and overhaul of machines, technical support as well as sale of an array of refreshment solutions.

Hot & Cold Cup Vending Machine

Come with a built-in ice maker and water heater, as well as a fully programmable dispensing system. Refreshments served in a disposable cup.

Food and Drink Vending Machine

It is a combined machine for selling all types of snacks and beverages. Able to dispense beverages like energy drink, cold coffee, ice tea, and snack like bread, biscuits, cup noodles.

Cans and Bottles Vending Machine

Able to dispense ready-to-drink beverages in cans or bottles. To refresh your day with a simple and effortless way – a chilled drink.

Features of Vending Machine

Renting of Vending Machine and Accessories

We offer rental for our vending machines. The package includes:
• Rental of the Top vending machine
• Supply of quality powder beverages, cans and bottles beverage and snacks 
• Provision of regular maintenance & technical assistance

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